Centric system

Move your communications to the latest technology and get more flexibility with a phone system

Move your communications to the latest technology and get more flexibility with a phone system

With a Centric phone system, your calls are made over your internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line.

Calls are prioritised over other internet traffic and there’s in-built resilience too, so you’ll always have a great connection.
Moving your calls and phone numbers to Centric Communications is really straightforward; we’ll take care of everything for you.

Centric system is great for remote working, and can even be used to set up an entirely new office without spending a fortune on hardware.

What can I get with centric phone system?
User and Group Announcements

Play a welcome courtesy message allowing you to prompt your callers that all agents are busy and will be with you shortly, then the caller is placed on hold hearing company music and messages.

Voicemail included as standard

Every user gets a Voicemail with up to 15 HOURS STORAGE, including personal breakout options

Automated Attendant

Personalised key press options, eg. please press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts etc…

easily Push Voice mail to Email

Receive SMTP voicemail to email messages with any compatible email device.

Multiple Music channels for Hold

Up to 4 different MOH sources (Great for multi tenanting for businesses)

Click to Call integration

Built in TAPI 1st party so you can dial from your contacts in Outlook

Allow Hot Desking for users

Allowing any user/s logging in and out of any extension keeping their user profile (internal roaming)

Phone Manager Lite included

Offers computer telephony integration allowing up to 15 busy lamp indications

Discover the benefits of a Centric phone system

Centric system makes scalability possible. Growth sis great for business, but it comes at a cost if you have a legacy phone system. Increasing capacity will require the need to buy extra physical lines. With Centric phone system, you’re working with virtual lines, so the infrastructure you need is available, when you require it.

Reassurance that call quality will never be compromised

Utilising Centric connectivity, we will ensure that everything works perfectly. Our customers receive call quality you would expect from traditional phone lines. Our technology also enables calls to go to a pre-determined location if the primary location ends up going offline for some reason.

Up to date latest features

Centric phone systems have all the technology you’ve come to expect from the latest telephone system. With features such as time of day routing, live monitoring and call recording.

Market your business with local numbers wherever you are

You can promote your business locally regardless of your location. Non-geographical numbers mean that your phone number is no longer tied to the range of numbers available at your local telephone exchange. Centric can provide you with a list of numbers to choose from.

Take your numbers with you, wherever you move to

With a Centric system your numbers stay with you, even if you move premises. Unlike with traditional phone lines, your numbers are no longer tied to the local telephone exchange. Even if you move to a different part of the country, you can take all of your numbers with you

Move to new technology before the ISDN shutdown

In 2025 the last elements of the Openreach analogue and digital ISDN copper network will be turned off as an all IP network replaces these legacy services. Making the move now can help you get the benefits of new technology and reduces the impact on your business of the shutdown. For more information on the ISDN shutdown

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