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Customer Review

We are a leading accounting firm based in Liverpool. With a team of experienced professionals, we provide a wide range of accounting and financial services to businesses and individuals in the region.

In search of a new business phone system, we reached out to Centric Communications, a trusted provider of communication and networking solutions. After evaluating several options, we decided to go with a hosted-based PBX system offered by Centric Communications.

One of the main reasons we chose it was its flexibility and scalability. The system can be easily customized to meet our specific needs and can be easily expanded as the company grows.

Another advantage is its wide range of features, including remote mobile app to make and receive calls wherever we are, call recording, voicemail, conference calls and more. These features have helped us streamline our communication processes and improve efficiency.

Since Centric Communications implemented it, we have seen several benefits. The system has helped the company reduce its communication costs, as it eliminates the need for separate phone lines and expensive hardware. It has been extremely reliable and the quality of calls going over the internet has improved compared to the traditional lines we had.

Overall, the switch to Centric Communications has been a success for us. The system, supplied by Centric Communications, has provided the company with a reliable and cost-effective communication solution, helping it to better serve our clients.

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